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December 13, 20222 min read

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Grand Opening! The Split End | Hair Salon Gardner, Kansas!

Grand Opening The Split End Salon

The Split End Salon has opened a hair salon in Gardner, and it's all about the hair! We're opening a salon in town, and we need your help to make it successful. So head on over to The Split End Salon and get started. 

We will give you everything you need to look your best while getting your hair done right.

The Grand Opening of the Split End Salon in Gardner, KS.

The Split End Salon is a salon that offers various hair services. Services include haircuts, color, and highlights. The salon is located in the former Fantastic Sams in Gardner, KS. 

You may recognize us when you come in. Fantastic Sam's closed, and we opened our salon. We offer a wide range of services for clients of all ages.

The benefits of The Split End Salon include the following:

- The Split End Salon is a professional hair salon with a wide range of services that are perfect for everyone

- The salon will be offering the ability to book your appointment online.

- The Split End salon has many hairstyles, from razor cuts to clipper cuts, hair extensions, and color and perm services.

- The staff at the Split End Salon is experienced and friendly

- The Split End Salon is located in Gardner, KS, at Moonlight Commons Shopping Center, a great place to live, work, or shop.

 How to Get a Haircut at the Split End Salon

When it comes time for your haircut at the Split End Salon, you can set an appointment rather than wait. 

We will still take walk-ins, but why wait for us when you could be doing something you love to do until your appointment?

How to Enjoy the Benefits of The Split End Salon

Call us to set an appointment or check our website for online booking. Joining us at the Split End Salon will give you a unique haircut that meets your needs. 

The salon offers a wide variety of services for people of all ages, including haircuts, colorings, extensions, and highlights, in addition to providing high-quality hair care.

Get a Haircut or Haircoloring at The Split End Salon and Enjoy the Benefits

If you're looking for a high-quality haircut that will meet your individual needs, then going to the Split End Salon is an excellent option. 

Not only will you get a unique haircut, but you'll also be able to enjoy some of the best products we have carefully selected to have great ingredients and work well with your hair.


Join us now and enjoy all the Split End Salon offers!

P.S. We want to expand hours, so if you know a great stylist, have them apply to join our team!

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